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This journal is published after being declared eligible by a team of reviewers. Before being published, this journal is first checked for authenticity through a plagiarism checker.

The MATEMAR journal or the journal Maritime Management and Technology is a scientific publication to disseminate information on the results of multidisciplinary research to lecturers, students and related agencies, especially in Indonesia, which leads to increasing research to develop Indonesia.

Journal of Maritime Management and Technology AMAN JAYA (MATEMAR JURNAL) is a journal that focuses on maritime affairs and facilitates educators / lecturers, scientists, researchers, and shipping operators and practitioners, marine environmental observers, coastal and marine tourism activists, governments and technicians. Discusses the development of marine and port transportation management, technology, engineering, and science. Topics covered include shipping engineering, nautics, science, navigation, ship engine propulsion systems, marine renewable energy and energy, ship design and operational methodologies, technology products and ship maintenance, dynamics and control systems, materials science, ports and marine transportation management, coastal and marine tourism, maritime ecotourism, logistics, and shipping companies and in the field of maritime / shipping vocational education.

The MATEMAR journal is a collection of scientific papers from research conducted by the campus community, both by lecturers and students. This journal contains scientific studies from various scientific groups. This journal is also open to writers from both inside and outside the Jakarta Raya National Maritime Academy campus or better known as AMANJAYA. Each edition of this journal publication contains 6 articles deemed appropriate by the MATEMAR Journal management team. This journal is published 3 times a year in March, July and September.

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2021): Jurnal Matemar Vol. 2, No. 2, Januari 2021
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